Managing Change – Management Development Program for Métier Staff

March 25, 2021

The business landscape has changed fundamentally over the year, and while the future may be looking a little brighter, it’s still uncertain. Even in workplaces that are becoming more active once again, people are still anxious, normal routines have been turned upside down and the “new normal” in business is disruption and change.

In this “new normal”, managing change is more important than ever before. Managing change brings huge benefits, but unless you deal with people’s real and imagined fears and concerns, most of us will try to avoid it.

Considering the importance of Change Management, HR Dept. organized an exclusive management development program “Managing Change” for the management staff of Métier Packaging Business.

This exclusive program highlighted the importance of change management and empowered participants with tools to manage change and thrive in an environment of uncertainty.

This program was conducted in 3 batches covering 45 participants on 25th, 26th and 29th of March, 2021 at Métier Head office.