Who We Are

Who We Are

Having a diversified and vertically integrated business portfolio of Packaging Solutions, Distribution & Marketing Services and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Métier Groupe is an emerging conglomerate of 10 companies which was established in the year 2016.

Me̒tier has got the distinction of being the first and only company of Pakistan having been certified for ISO 15378:2017 which is meant for Primary Packaging Materials for Medicinal Products. We are proud to hold such prestigious certification besides holding ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Métier Groupe’s line of businesses includes Off-Set Printing Unit, Plastic Commodities Manufacturing Unit, Glass Ampoule Manufacturing Unit, Aluminum Commodities Manufacturing Unit, Corrugated Cartons Manufacturing Unit, Pharmaceutical Distribution & Marketing Company, Nutraceutical Distribution & Marketing Company, Medical & Surgical Devices Distribution & Marketing Company, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Manufacturing Company.

Métier Groupe’s subsidiaries are distinguished for their dynamic products and services and these distinct businesses work closely with all stakeholders to provide superior quality products and unmatched services in an evolving global landscape. Every day, we’re helping customers and companies to meet their needs and strengthen the positions of their brands and businesses.

Métier Groupe is well managed by highly dedicated, flexible and responsive employees who are well qualified in the latest management and technical best practices.

Métier is a French word to be pronounced as (MAY-T-A) which means “An occupation or activity in which one excels” that is a synonym of English word Forte/Expertise. The word Métier supplements our business philosophy which is based on “Excellence”.

Our Philosophy

We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.

Our philosophy is guided by three strategic pillars:

We stand for health and safety to make sure our employees go home every day in good health.

We apply industry driven best practices and share knowledge across our operations to produce and deliver superior quality products and services.

We continue to refine our winning footprint, which helps us serve our customers better and outperform our competitors.


Our Culture

We are driven by innovation and inspired by a team spirit based on exchanging ideas. Our culture is characterized by our collaborative work and a strong sense of ownership. We live and foster a culture that encourages every individual to give best in order to help build long-term success.

Using the best tools and technologies, we create unique solutions for our customers and offer our employees an opportunity for personal development.

Our Responsibility

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our business partners based on mutual respect and unwavering trust.

We strive to be a customer-oriented, market-led company where the satisfaction of customers, the personal development of employees, respect for communities and the environment are seen as being inseparable from the aim of creating value for the shareholders.

Our continued success rests on our team members, and we ensure a workplace in which all of them are dealt with the dignity and respect that they truly deserve.

Our existence is worthless if it is oblivious to being socially responsible. For us, people take priority over profits. We engage with the helpless and forward our hand to comfort them. Although we are proud of our CSR initiatives but relentless in our pursuit to keep doing more.

Our Accountability

All employees at Métier Groupe take responsibility for their actions in meeting corporate objectives. Our management philosophy rests upon the concept of total decentralization and absolute empowerment. We take self-accountability as serious as self-actualization.